Project Management Module

Whether you use Averby for specific teams in your business or for your entire team, our rich suite of project management tools empowers you to design, deploy, track and deliver any size of a project. What's more, Averby gives you the ability to track and follow up on tasks you assign to others just as easily as you can track your own.

Project management tools
Schedule your meetings

Meeting Scheduling

Quickly and effortlessly create and track meetings for you and your teammates. Review your calendar, see your list of upcoming activities, and receive helpful reminders of what’s on your schedule.

Team Dialogue

If you work in a team, then reducing email clutter from your teammates is an ongoing concern. Averby embeds team communication capabilities directly inside your contacts, accounts, and tasks so that all your team’s messages end up where they should be instead of getting lost in the void of your inbox.

Tools for communication with your team
Track your commitments to your clients

Contact Commitments

Become reliable superstars in the eyes of your contacts with the tools you need to create, delegate, and follow through on contact-related commitments. By creating tasks directly inside your contact card, you and your team can track these commitments in a timely and professional manner and never let another promise slip through the cracks!