Track and visualize your contacts, organizations, and accounts to understand their latest status in the sales pipeline as well as their relationships and connections to other contacts. Create notes, meetings, tasks, calls, opportunities, agreements, emails, and text messages right from your contacts' timelines. Segment contacts into target audiences to generate automated messages that feel highly customized. From there, set up a series of automated emails that nurture your lead through the process of becoming a customer.

Customer relationship management
Customer segmentation engine


The right message at the right time to the right audience—that’s the secret sauce to building relationships with your contacts and turning leads into sales. When your audience feels like they’re receiving personalized messages that are relevant to their needs, they feel like you get them and what they want. Segments allow you to separate your contacts into groups that are highly meaningful to your business and will allow you to send the right, targeted message based on what your client needs at any given moment.


Successful relationships with contacts start with tools that track each touch point they have with your business. When you can track every call, every email, every meeting, every website visit, and every engagement your customer had with you, you can better support them. Averby gives you full visibility into every interaction your contacts have with your team, your business, and your online assets. You can also use your contact’s timeline to directly create notes, meetings, tasks, calls, opportunities, agreements, emails, and text messages.

Customer timeline tracking
Mail series

Mail Series

Contacts don’t always respond to your first message. Instead of waiting and writing multiple, individualized follow-up emails until you get a response (or decide you won’t get one), Averby provides you with the tools to create a mail series in advance. This efficient solution makes the most of your time by automating things like introduction letters, renewal notices, payment reminders, and any other series of emails that may require multiple communications to get a response.