Multiple Custom Sales Pipelines

Not only can you customize your sales pipeline to match your team’s needs, but you can create multiple pipelines to support different sales requirements.

Multiple sales pipelines
Sales pipeline forecasting

Revenue Forecasting

The real value of your sales pipeline lies in its accuracy to forecast upcoming revenue streams. By adding close probability weighting to each stage of your pipelines, Averby provides you with sales forecasting figures based on the deal value estimates you add to the system when you create a new Opportunity.

Lead Scoring

Save your precious time by automating sales lead monitoring. Averby intelligently monitors and records your contacts' interactions with your company’s online assets. By consolidating these actions and behaviors and using a sophisticated learning algorithm, it generates a real-time lead score for your contacts. If a contact’s lead score starts to indicate a probability that they are a qualified lead, Averby will automatically alert you to take action.